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Bright Night Fishing

For A Brighter Fishing Future!

16 FT Night Fishing Black UV Light With Green LEDs in the Center 3rd. So the strip is 16ft total with about 5.3ft UV- 5.3ft Green- 5.3ft UV.

The custom UV and Green LED design will give you the best of both worlds. The UV will make sure your fluorescent line glows and the Green LED portion will light the bank or water up to help you see where you are casting.

The Difference!!!

Our UV strips are IP-68 Waterproof and silicone injected others are IP-65 and IP-67 Water resistant

Ours Have thick name brand 3M heavy duty foam tape others have thin off brand tapes

Our Clear waterproofing is UV resistant to prevent Yellowing over time others are not

Our LEDS are very high quality LEDS to extent the life of usage and prevent LEDs from burning out

Our UVs have the ideal UV wave lengths for maximum line Glow.

5050 tri LED Is the brightest UV LED on the market and is over 3 times brighter than 3528 Led Black Lights

These true UV strips will make your fluorescent fishing line Glow!

Great for night fishing!

These are 12 volt and can be hooked directly to your battery, a switch, or your fuse box.

Comes with a positive and a negative wire on one end of the strip.  

300 Led's per 16'

Very low current draw 0.38 amp per foot

0.24 watts per LED

234 Luminas per foot Black Light Ultraviolet

Waterproof IP68 Black PCB (background) unless white is requested

LED’s are rated for 50,000 hours

Can be cut every 3 LED's (about 2”)

Strip is approximately " wide and 3/16" thick/

These LED strips come with 3M Tape on the back so you can apply to any surface.

You may use an adhesive for extra security.


We would love to see pictures of our LEDs installed on your boat!

Custom Lengths available by request.

Thank you





Any injuries or damages caused by this product or the use of this product are the sole responsibility of the end user or purchaser. No recourse to the manufacturer and/or seller whatsoever.

16ft UV/Green/UV LED strip black light

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