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Bright Night 
      For A Brighter Fishing Future 

Model: Bright Night BR:15,000 


· 15,000 lumens 

· 300 5630 LEDs 

· Lights up to a 30’ diameter depending on water clarity and depth 

· 17"long 

   Draw less than 6 amps and 130 watts 

· One light will run up to 40 continue hours on one fully charged deep cycle battery. 

· LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours 

· Self-sinking no weights needs 

· 360 degree lighting to light up all the water around you! 

· Made of industrial PVC and high quality clear plastic 

· The LED's are surrounded and completely sealed with clear plastic tubing to making them completely water tight for extra durability. 

· All connectors are water tight and tested before shipment. 

· Light are used underwater so you can attract all the fish with out attracting all the bugs 

Choose your power source 

· Battery terminal clips 

· Cigarette lighter outlet 

· AC adapter so you can plug straight into an 110v outlet. 

· Available in green, blue, and white color LED'S (Green is the best color to attract fish.

· By using these low amperage/wattage lights you will not have to go spend hundreds of dollars on a generator u can run them off a 12v battery or a battery pack. 

· Great fishing light for boats, docks, piers, kayaks, canoes, or bank fishing.  The green light attracts baitfish, which attracts the bigger fish like crappie, bass, walleye, trout, catfish, and many other fish. 

· After fishing one night with the Bright Night and seeing the results you will never go night fishing again without at least one Bright Night in the boat. 

· 60-day manufacturer warranty. Warranty covers manufacture and workmanship defects 60 days from purchase date. 


· We have sold over 12,000 Bright Night Fishing lights 

· Use at your on risk and do not look directly at the light, not liable for any injures. 

· Thank you for your interest in Bright Night!!! Have a great day!

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Bright Night Fishing

                    For A Brighter Fishing Future!


Night Fishing Black UV Light


5050 tri LED


Over 3 Times Brighter than 3528 Led Black Lights


Will make your fluorescent fishing line Glow


Our Shipping is Fast and Free to U.S.


Great for night fishing, will make your fluorescent fishing line


These are 12 volt and can be hooked directly to your battery or a switch.

Comes with a positive and a negative wire on one end of the strip. 

For additional $9 a 110v ac plug and converter can be added.  


300 LED's per 16'


Very low current draw


0.38 amp per foot


0.24 watts per LED


234 Lumens per foot


Black Light Ultraviolet


Waterproof IP65


Black PCB (background) unless white is requested


12 Volts


LED’s are rated for 50,000 hours


Can be cut every 3 LED's


Strip is approximately 3/8" wide and 3/16" depth


Tracking number will be provided


US Seller


These LED strips come with 3M Tape on the back so you can apply to any surface. We recommend you use an adhesive for extra security. 

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